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So here it comes:
out of 154 swims, 131 PBs (85%). All swimmers PB’d on 2 or more of their swims.
Example average improvement on 100m IM for the group: 6,5% (from 1:52,94 [range 1:35,31-2:00,23] to 1:46,07 [range l:28,72-1:55,69]). Last years improvement rate was 3,2% (1:54,34 [1:51,67-2:01,98] to 1:50,83 [1:40,13-2:06,98]).
the competition distances were
25bf, 50bk, 50br, 50fr, 100 IM (9-10 yo)
50bf, 100bk, 100br, 100fr, 100IM (11 yo)
Success rate can be connected with attendance rate (no regression lines available though…)

Best results were seen with bk, br and fr.
Mostly had problems with improvement on butterfly. We’ve been doing 12,5’s on bf, since most swimmers were doing 25’s at the meet. It didn’t seem to be very efficient for bf though… butterfly PB success rate was only 76%. Anyone have any ideas on a better strategy? Maybe 15-20m sprints AFAP from the blocks/wall?