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I’d be interested in seeing MA’s seasonal plan as well and what he did for the 100 breast in particular. Rushall says that eventually you have to improve technique to get faster and that looks like what happened. His distance per stroke improved tremendously. In his 1:01.67 in January he took like 4 or 5 less strokes than he did the previous summer on the first 50 and still took it out around the same speed but it allowed him to come home so much faster. He took even fewer strokes last weekend -15/19 which is crazy low. I wonder how he improved his dps within the USRPT set. Did he have a stroke limit in the set, for example if he didn’t make the interval in 7 strokes then it’s a fail? If that were the case, and in reality he could have made the interval in 8 strokes, is that really going to exhaustion or neural fatigue? Whatever he did worked because his breaststroke is looking fantastic right now.

Btw, a lot of people hate on his technique but I tried it the other day and I think it’s a good stroke for when exhaustion is setting in. I did it at the end of 100 breast USRPT set the other day. Sometimes I know I am going to fail based on the rep before. Whenever I’m reaching failure and the next rep is a slim chance whether I make it or not and really have to dig deep to make it and I make it, I always fail on the next rep. This happened to me approaching the third fail and I knew it was my last lap so I tried my best to imitate MA’s breast just to see what it felt like and I almost made the interval. It was closer than usual when in that circumstance.