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Thanks for the article!

After having read both articles from Beliaev and Rushall I’ve come to the conclusion that neither knows what the other is really talking about. My guess, neither wants to.

One is selling a program so they can make money and one I think their ego has eaten their brain. Always has to be right and sends that signal anytime I’ve heard him speak.

Here comes the rant.

If one truly understood the Parametric System they would know that they never mention periodization and then would know it’s far from “traditional training”. Yes, they use energy system terminology and who cares! If it helps coaches’ better understand or visualize that something is occurring then so be it. Because something is occurring 6 x 50 on 50 holding 30 sec. and 40 x 50 on 50 holding 30 sec. are not the same thing whether you call it shift in energy systems or whatever, again who cares!.

If one knew about what they were speaking they would know that technique is also a huge part of the system. In fact they have used the metrics of d/S and tempo in set construction along with pace. So is the mental aspect and fatigue is also addressed with some pretty damn interesting computer software.

The attitude of it took USRPT to enlighten everyone about the importance of technique and the mental approach because never before in swimming did anyone think of that before USRPT. Really interesting.

I’ll ask some questions: where did the number of repeats recommended in USRPT come from? What are they based off of? I have my guess. How does USRPT address the issue of development of power? It is also a concern in the Parametric System if you’re not paying attention.

The use of references to backup “claims” of what it does. When the Parametric System was being developed in the USSR at that time it was considered a state secret. They didn’t have independent research where it belonged to the team that worked to develop it. It belonged to the state. One doesn’t just go around publishing those things and expect to not piss off the higher ups which had very serious consequences. When it first came to the US, I want to say late 80s to early 90s it caused all kinds on commotion within the sports community in Russia and believe it or not still does. Funny thing about those Russians, they appear to hold a grudge for a very long time.

In the article Rushall uses 17 references 8 of which are his? Does make you think.

USRPT is well researched, down and dirty with minimal effort or any detailed understanding to implement it. Nothing wrong with that what so ever. It has gotten more coaches to think about what it is they are doing and that’s a positive, every time.

If each would just stop and think about it I think that there are more similarities than differences.

Looked at the European Championships and seen what the Russian are doing?

Doc aka oldschool

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