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So I’ll try to tackle your periodization question. I personally use USRPT during the winter. I use a derivative during the summer for water polo for my own training and the college club I coach. I also use a derivative for weight lifting. I use USRPT exactly as described for running (1 and 2 mile race times).

I’ve noticed that a block of time (maybe 2 weeks?) before a race event should lock in the pace and capacity and slowly reduce the rest leading into the event to get closer to the constant work of the race. This is critical for my running. However, with running and lifting I can reduce intervals by 1 second at a time with my timer app. In the pool I use a watch and with a group this would be difficult. But, I also use “replay” sets that add 5 seconds to the session. ex: New interval of @25seconds going into a meet (miss/failure on 12 and 16) go for the next miss using a 35sec interval.

Second, if I hit a plateau one week by not improving a set within a session I know that I haven’t recovered enough so I add an extra day of rest. The nice thing about USRPT is that recovery identifiers are built in. If I don’t improve a set (especially if I do worse) I know that my daily recovery was not enough. This might be an instance where the group is working a new target for 2 weeks and starting to struggle and you just program a day off for individuals or the group. The periodization is a bit fluid and organic and hard to plan on a calendar. Identifying that is why us coaches make the big bucks.