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I suggest moving the interval to 36 and complete 20×50 before the third fail. If she is only completing 2 or 3 before falling off pace, chances are she can’t hit 2:20 in a meet.

For my 100’s I used to move the pace down after I made 20×25 before the third fail because I was in such a hurry to swim at a faster pace. For my 100 fly, at the beginning of the summer getting back into shape, I was on a pace of 17 or really 16 without the tempo trainer delay. I completed 20 before the third fail and then moved the interval to 15.5. I started failing at 7-8 on for the first fail and I figured I could slowly and steadily improve my reps but I didn’t. In the past I had been failing at low reps after moving the pace down but I was always able to steadily improve. But for some reason I was stuck at 7-10 reps before the first fail for like 2 months. I tried hard to improve but I couldn’t dig myself out of that hole. After 2 months of low reps my cardio level had decreased. Doing low reps like that won’t produce a training effect. The best I ever did at that pace was failing at 10,13,16. I decided to move the pace back to 16 and go to 30 reps like you are supposed to before moving back 15.5. It took about 3 weeks to complete 30. On Wednesday I did 30×25 on a 16 pace and failed once at 26. Yesterday, I moved the pace back to 15.5 and failed at 15,19,22. That’s a big improvement over 10,13,16 and if I stayed at that pace I would still probably be stuck at those same reps. At this point, I expect to steadily improve and hit 30 in 3 weeks at this pace because hitting the mid to upper teens is already enough to produce a training effect.

If you just started at 35 seconds, she may just need to tweak her technique a little and settle into the new speed. Failing early initially because of not being used to the speed is no a terrible thing but if she doesn’t start improving her reps each time, she is slowly going to fall out of shape. I don’t know how soon the competition is but you should probably move the pace back and complete 20 reps of 50meters before the third fail before dropping the pace.