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I tried this yesterday and it did not go well. I decided to try to do back half 50’s and went with a 29 because my last 100 yard free I was a 26.64 which converts to 29.57 in meters. I was planing on doing 50’s until the first fail and then go straight into 25’s to the feet for the remainder of the set. It looked like a good idea on paper. I failed at 3. I should have made number 3. The second 25 felt similar to the 4th 25 of a 100 free. I was getting tired and could feel myself slowing down. I tried to speed up and I thought I would make it but I failed by a little bit. If I did the set again today I think I would have made 3. There was no way I was going to make number 4 though. I didn’t try to continue the set. It was a total flop. 22.5 rest is not enough. Going on more rest would be moving into the heavy lactate territory so I’m just going to stick with the 25’s for now.