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I was disappointed with 3. My turn was a little sloppy which always happens as I start to get tired. I failed on 3 more because of sloppiness rather than fatigue but fatigue would have got me on number 4 for sure. I thought I could get 6 going into the set. I figured doing 25s to the feet for the second and third fail would be better because if I continued with the 50’s would have been make, fail, make, fail. I’m not sure how the 25’s would have been because I stopped the set. 22.5 seconds rest for 100 pace 50’s might be too much to handle even after multiple attempts.

Every time I have done the 100 free my last turn and sometimes second turn have been absolutely horrendous. I did one in practice a few weeks ago and it’s still bad. The turns are always slow and sloppy. On my last breakout, my first breath is what seems like a three second inhale as if I just did a breath holding contest. This kills all momentum. But what’s weird is I’m able to regain my pace after a couple strokes and finish strong. It’s not like the piano drops at 75 meters. I just can’t perform a decent turn as I start getting a little bit tired. Nothing about the 25’s simulates the breakout coming off the third turn. Even approaching the third fail, with at least 15 rest before each lap, breath control on the breakout is always comfortable. Every time I do a 100 free, coming off of the third wall is like a shock to my body. I definitely need to do something about it. I think if I was doing 50’s at 200 free pace on a regular basis, my turns would be really good and would also translate to the 100 turns but I don’t plan on training for any 200’s.

My pool has the 15m mark clearly marked on the lane lines. I was thinking about trying some 35’s or 40’s at 100 pace just so I can get some more reps with turns in. It may be a little tricky to judge a make or a fail. Since I use a tempo trainer, I don’t have to turn my head to look at a clock. I can just swim until the beep, look at the lane line really fast, and then swim easy to the wall. It may not be 100 percent accurate but I think I can get close enough.