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Gary P

Thanks for the thoughtful comments, guys. Matt, below are links to two videos of the race, from opposite sides of the pool.

(In this one, I’m the third swimmer from the top, 4th lane (numbered 3 because the first is 0):

(In this one, which gives a broader field of view but less detail, I’m third swimmer from the bottom):

I was only able to do one Long Course practice and only swam one LC 400 free race this season. In fact, this was only my 9th race since coming back to the sport. The 200 free was my best event as a high school swimmer, but I swam the 500 a lot because we had less depth at that distance. I had originally planned to swim the 200 at this event, but for scheduling reasons switched to the 400 and switched my training focus from 200 to 400 back in January.

To be clear, I wasn’t unhappy with my performance; I pretty well swam the race to my plan and hit the time I expected. I agree that ideally the splits would stabilize in the low 38s and I’d have a little more juice on the final 50, but the pacing in this race was much better than the previous attempt at a 400LCM and the one SCY 500 I swam. I’m looking for ideas how to shore up the back half of this event, and break through the training plateau I seem to be stuck at. Any ideas would be appreciated.