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Main training for the 50 has been 25s @1:30 alternating from a start and from a push (Usually offer 12-16). One day we did a lot more(20+) and they seemed very tired the next day. Also doing a lot of 25s off the blocks at 2:00 (Usually around 10 when we do them). We don’t do both at the same workout. It has been Training for 100 free on M,W,F and training for 50 on T,Th,F. Every practice she ends with a couple (2-4) 25s off the blocks though.

We usually do 12.5s but so far this year have hardly done any. Haven’t done any 20s. I know it annoys her not knowing her time so I don’t think she’d be a fan of 20s but I’m willing to try.

She got her lifetime best last year with 24.8 (with tech suit) and has gone 25.0 this year (w/o tech suit). I’m extremely happy with where she is right now but am starting to think she could break 24 with good coaching.

Last year before resting her fastest time was 25.95 and she went 25.19 at sections and 24.94 and 24.84 at state.

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