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I should also add that the first week she wasn’t breaking 12.0 off the blocks. She came into the season in good shape but got down to 11.75 by the next week. She is able to do 11.75 much more consistently than she was early in the season so I wouldn’t say there has been no improvement.

Her biggest improvement came immediately with a technique change (or more of a focus point change) and she went from going 11.75 on one 25 to swimming 11.58, 11.65, 11.59, 11.46 on the next 4. I know I don’t time perfectly but she was clearly swimming much faster with the new focus. That was only last Wednesday and on Friday she was going 11.7 again then we tried to refocus on the same thing and were able to go a few in the 11.65 range. Not sure how much to trust my stopwatch on these things. Not sure if the technique focus didn’t stick entirely or I was just off with my timing on Wednesday.

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