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Yes, this is the girl you gave me some input on last season. It was very helpful.

“Because the majority of them don’t really swim anything other than free they are on a cycle of four days where primary event is 50/100 free and 2 days primary is 200 free with any secondary work being “25s on 1:00” and “50s on 2:00” of a stroke other than free. (Need them for relays).”

Does this mean you train for the 50 and the 100 free on the same day 4 days a week?

So do you believe that the 50s @1:00 for 200 pace is beneficial for their 100 free?

Do I need to worry about lactic acid buildup from doing 50s on 1:30 or 2:00?

Do you do any stroke count monitoring with your swimmers? Right now this 50 swimmer is doing 13 strokes for a 25 from a start (sprint) and around 17 from a push. This seems to be in the same range as other good 50 freestylers.

I really appreciate your willingness to share what you do for training. We’ll be working in more shorter sprints this week.

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