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We will train both on the same day. The primary emphasis maybe the 50 so we’d do 2 x starts to foot touch be under “25s on 2:00” pace. They then would work on skills for the next set which might be “n x 25 on 2:00” so they would work on underwater speed to and through the breakout carrying speed to surface we say “work from low to high energy” right now they can do eight on or faster than target time. They would recover and come back with 2 more starts as above. Then we would move on to 100 emphasis which could be “25s on 1:00” or “50s on 2:00” back ½ speeds. The “50s on 2:00” they have been offered 8 and the average number made for the group is 6, pretty solid for this part of the season. They do their recovery/skill and finish with maybe “25s on 1:00” stroke, recover and go home. The next time the primary emphasis could be the 100, so the order of the sets would change to give them the best opportunity to improve their numbers made.

I have no correlations of “n x 50 on 1:00” to 100 pace. My guess is if you do them keep the numbers offered low in the 8-12 range.

Lactic Acid is going to be there. But in that recovery time frame will drop quickly in the first couple of seconds if they are fit. It’s what is causing some of the failure to maintain speed and disrupts the CNS ability to fire. Not sure you can really avoid it. Happens to part of the race. It hurts with LA levels in the 12-16 mmol/L range and you have to get use to “being comfortable being uncomfortable” I get the USRP research. But sometime you have to feel the “sting” doesn’t need to be a lot. We say “at some point in the race you have to face the demon”

Long time ago I was into d/S, cycles or stroke counts. But what was happening the kids thought that it was better to reach (actually they would overreach) out in front and then finish hard in back and we had some shoulder issues and I quit it and the shoulder problems went away. Now I just tell them. Let gravity put the arm/hand in the water, swim with no tension and when you can see your hand start the stroke. No swimming goes on in the first 8-10 inches from the top of the water and applying pressure then only creates shoulder issues (they rotate the head of the Humerus into the long head of the bicep) and now you have shoulder problems. Really try and keep it pretty simple any more.

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