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I would agree with “ryanupper” on a recover day. If you don’t let her/them stop when she/them can no longer hold time. I’m pretty sure you do, so the issue of a recovery day while maybe beneficial (mentally) is up to you.

This has been the biggest adjustment for the “college” swimmers I work with. They think that they need a recover day about every two days. I spent over a week in a classroom explaining the system in detail and still have individuals (Eastern Europeans mainly) that think they have to spend 2+ hours working at below 80% and that this is somehow the way to faster performance. It will drive you crazy! All I hear is “more work” and they can’t hold times for !@#$ on 14 x 50 free on 1:00. But they need more work. Distance swimmers are the worst! I’ve even had them read an article from track (speed first) about marathon running and you would think I was the Antichrist.

The ideas/theory/system Dr Rushall talks about can be used in any situation. We as coaches have to think and apply them to our situation. Example: distance swimmers. In order for you to keep your job (just kinda of important) they need to do 400s. Then have them do 400s at use mile pace and when they can’t hold pace they stop and move to something else i.e secondary stroke say 200 fly and you do a set of “50s on 1′” at 200 fly pace. I think you guys get the idea. We have to be thinkers! Using sound fundamental principles of physiology (Dr Rushall’s work has saved coaches that are really interested a ton of work) and designing our workouts based on that.

Sorry for the rant! but we just have to be better! We have to be THINKERS!

Oldschool aka doc

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