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I always appreciate your rants. I am fighting against many of the same things. This sprinter is telling me every week “I feel like I’m not doing anything.” The second year is definitely easier than the first year in terms of getting them to buy into it.

We had a lot of good swims yesterday. 9th grade girl broke the 100 fly record with a 1:01.7 (was 1:02.4 at sections last year). The sprinter who is the topic of the thread went a lifetime best 55.1 in the 100 free (was 55.3 at sections last year) and also had a lifetime best 200 free. She doesn’t train for the 200 free (except for 50s on 1:00 on wednesdays) but we might swim it one more time because she is close to our pool record. For an 18 year old girl to be swimming lifetime bests at mid-season meets without resting or a tech suit is crazy to me.

Our 200 Free Relay broke our school record by a lot. Their time was also faster than the winning time at sections last year. Swimming a relay that fast mid-season without being rested, shaved, or in tech suits amazes me. I think people are starting to think we are tapering for meets and won’t be able to drop time at sections. Part of me gets a bit worried about that because I hear it so much but even if we don’t drop time we’ll have a good shot at having some of the fastest relays in the section.

(I should note that the 9th grade flyer improved a lot over the summer. Her long course time converts to under 1:01.)

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