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you are right about the “always being tapered” comments. A rough average is 1.5 to 3% improvement over the course of a season for the majority of athletes. Regardless of if it occurs a little at a time or you try and win the lottery at the big meet. Looks impressive all the big time drops but when you put pencil to paper still 1.5-3%. Each season I would ask my kids “do you want to try and drop time during the season or wait until the end?” to a swimmer that said they wanted to improve a little throughout the season. “it made the work they were doing worth it” Basically they want to get paid on their investment. Didn’t matter to them that they didn’t have huge time drops at the season end meet they had gone fast all season long. If they are making adaption they should improve at anytime during the year. We are so stuck in this “well you’re in the aerobic phase or heavy training and you’re not going to swim fast now. But just wait until…” and then until doesn’t happen. Now what?

the 100 free question. You’re going to be about dead on. I figure 26.41/28.18 for the 54 flat.
This would be a very typical division of total time to race splits for the 100fr. Hang in here. the splits you can figure by a percent of total time and use that for swimmers races. Example the 26.41 is 48.90% of the 54.00, the 28.18 is 52.19% of 54. So you can make an Excel sheet and just plug in a time and it will come VERY close to what they need to be holding or go in that event. You can do it for any event just depends on how detailed you want to get. i.e. 500 and 2IM all works. You can “tweak” it for each swimmer. But what you find is they are all pretty much in the same %.

Off to sway some recruits.

Let me know how it goes


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