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I know that you use more rest than the strict USRPT protocol. I always swim fly and breast on the same day. I used to always do breast first and then fly. Over the past couple of months I have switched to doing fly first because I want to put more emphasis on fly and I want to be totally fresh for it. For whatever reason doing fly after breast wasn’t a big deal but doing breast second, I just can hold pace for very long. I remember that you posted some of the training sets in your sectional results thread from last year. I looked back at that to see how much rest you gave the breaststrokers and it looks like they were doing the 25’s on 50. With that much rest, how closely did the practice pace translate to the race?

Also, the reason I’m posting this here is that you mentioned the flyer that went 1:02.4 at sectionals last year. I noticed in the sectionals thread that you said she was going 1:06-1:07’s for most of the year. If she is already going 1:01 this early, that is very promising for the end of the year. I’m curious if you are doing anything different with her this year compared to last year. What were her splits in the 101 swim? What kind of sets is she doing right now and what are her paces, reps made, and rest intervals right now?