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I’ll first speak about the flyer. As I said she improved a lot over the summer and swims for a very good club with very good coaches (even though they do traditional training. :)) She went a 1:02.3 with them at the USA short course state meet 4 months after our sections. So not much improvement there but she had some other good times. As I said her fly time over the summer from long course state converts to under 1:01 so most of the credit for where she is right now should go to her club coaches. She strikes me as a better long course swimmer though because she’s about 5’4″ and doesn’t have amazing turns. She also isn’t as good at dolphin kick as you would expect from a girl who goes 1:01. She’s okay but it isn’t her main strength.

So far this year her fly time in meets has been 1:05.5, 1:04.1, 1:03.1 and 1:01.7. Has gotten faster each meet. The splits from her 1:01.7 were 28.7 and 33.0. I’m not sure she’ll be able to go much faster than mid-1:01 before we rest and put a tech suit on. At that point my goal is low 59. She wrote on her goal sheet that she wanted to break the school record (1:01.9) and her next goal was to break 1:00.0. It’s looking good so far.

One other not on her improvement. When she went from 1:03.1 to 1:01.7 we did a technique change in between those times. I went to the Peter and Michael Andrew USRPT clinic and talked to the coach of the host club about her fly. He recommended a change and it seems to be helping.

For fly sets she is typically doing 16×25 @:40 then we take a break and go 8×25 @1:00. This is M,W,F and I also count it as 200 IM training for her fly. She goes the same first 50 on her IM as her 100 fly. Once in a while we will do a test set where every swimmer has a stopwatch on them for every single 25 but we don’t usually record every number. I just try to keep them as honest as possible with my watch. When she’s swimming them on 1:00 we have just been saying “Faster than 100 pace” or “Overspeed.” We’re now saying it is “first 50 of 100 fly pace” like Doc has said. So 14.low for her.

Honestly she hasn’t had many sets for fly that have looked great so far. We’re saying we want to hold under 15.0 so I let her know whenever I clock her at 15.1 or higher. At her best she is able to go 14.75-14.5 but is usually training at close to 15.0. So far she hasn’t made it to 16 without failing twice. I know we’re supposed to always go to 3rd fail but running practice is too hard if we do that every set of every day. We’ll start offering 20×25 soon.

I’m sorry I can’t give more exact numbers. She definitely is swimming faster than a 1:01.7 pace in practice but we’re not quite holding 14.75 for 16 straight 25s to get that 59.0.

I’ll get to breaststroke in the next post.

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