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I forgot to mention when she fails. She can get 8 on a good day before her first fail. Sits out 9-10 and get maybe 4-6 more. She usually sits out once on the 8×25 @1:00.

Last year we transitioned a little more slowly from traditional training to USRPT. Now we are pretty close to being 100% USRPT almost right from the start of the season. Obviously our biggest difference is the longer rest intervals we use. We don’t do any kicking, pulling, etc. All of our sets are either race pace, underwater work or skill/recovery.

Our normal day consists of 200 choice warm up, 8×25 @:40 (they mostly swim freestyle and we just use it as an encouragement to do some fast warm up… pretty much non of them swim actual race pace). Then we’ll do Race Pace set, Recovery/Skill work, Race Pace Set, Recovery/Skill Work, Race Pace Set, Cool Down. We don’t have many swimmers doing 3 big race pace sets on Tuesday/Thursday though.

On the short rest intervals I believe one of the biggest justifications given by Rushall is there is less lactic acid buildup when you are in the 10-20 second rest range. My swimmers haven’t looked like that has been a problem when we have them going on 25-30 seconds rest so I don’t know that it is that big of an issue. I think Rushall might also talk about how it is good to be 10-20 seconds on rest so that the aerobic something something something. I haven’t read the papers in a while. It might be better to be in that lower rest range but I can’t get them to hit their paces with 10 seconds rest.

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