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I’m afraid my breaststrokers aren’t great examples but I can give you the data I have. They just aren’t very high level swimmers so I don’t know how much can be drawn from their results.

They all swam their 25s @:50. Sometimes @1:00. Our top breaststroker got pneumonia the week of sections and wound up going 1:13.mid. She was trying to break 1:12 and was swimming mostly 18low and some mid-high 17. Overall still a decent correlation. Our second girl went 1:14.9 and was training 18.5-19 on her 25s. Good correlation. Our other two were 1:22.5 and were training 21.0. So they went a bit faster than their training pace. I don’t know that I would trust results from swimmers at these speeds though.

I don’t have great data for any of this. I could try to dig some things up but I know I do a poor job tracking.

Had a boy with club training 19.0 most of the season and started swimming 17.high a week before Regionals. He went 1:15.low. Had a club girl going 19.0-19.5 and went 1:16.6.

And that is all the 100 breaststrokers I have had so far. I don’t have many swimmers…

I will also add that our IMers last year trained 25s breast for the IM and none of them were close to their training pace. We’re now doing 50s breast for IM. We’ll see how it goes.

I apologize if I have said a lot of this before in other posts.

"Most people have the will to win. Few have the will to prepare to win."