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I’m sure there must be a limit on the amount of rest you can have and still expect a good correlation. Our team is a very small sample size.

Take everything I say with many grains of salt because I’m a fairly new coach (just started 5th year) and have only been doing USRPT for a year and a half.

How often do you do training that is faster than race pace? I don’t think there would be anything wrong with swimming 25s @:50 and letting yourself go quite a bit faster than race pace for a while.

I’ll often have swimmers swim way faster than race pace on the first few reps and I’ll say “These aren’t sprint” and they’ll respond “I don’t even feel like I’m trying right now.” If they feel like they are swimming 14.0 but wind up going 13.5 for the first 4 reps I’m okay with it. I think it can only help. Everyone eventually settles into their pace… or dies and has to rest.

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