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This is somewhat related to longer rest intervals and the n x whatever @whatever is related to “fill in the blank.”

My 100 swimmers have been swimming 16×50 @2:00 (Most made is 12 for my top girl). She has had a goal time of 28.5 so far this year though I will be moving it down. Monday she made 10 of them holding 28.0-28.2.

Her 100 Free last night was 55.1 with 26.6 on the first 50 and a……….. 28.50 on the second 50. We’ll need to improve that quite a bit by sections. I’m hoping she’ll be able to get that down close to 27.5 in practice before sections.

Our 2nd 100 swimmer is having similar correlations. Trains to hold under 30 on the back half and just had her first 2 100s these last meets where she came back in 29 high.

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