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I have noticed that about the 25’s, we have done mostly 32 x 25 @ 15-20s rest and they are either making a lot it or we are using a goal pace that is much faster than they have ever been. Another thing you were right about was how well we could do race pace 3 days in a row. In actuality this week we only did Tuesday and Wednesday on that schedule, then recovered Thursday and did 8 x 25 on 2 @ 1/2 50 speed, they did fairly well.

I know Rushall says you can build up to doing 3-4 sets a practice everyday, but I’m thinking M/W/F. The only problem I see with that is we have meets on Saturday and I want to make sure we are fresh for our meets. Couple questions for y’all?

1. How many sets a practice do you usually do?
2. How often to you do recover?
3. How many sets a week do you do for their main events? What if they have 3 or 4 event focuses?
4. What is your breakdown in doing 25/50/75 at race pace?

We typically go aerobic/recovery monday and wednesday mornings. I appreciate all the help as we make the transition, have our intersquad tomorrow hopefully we see some good speed and back half power.

Again, thanks for all the help.