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This is the basic plan for our “Main Group” which includes our top Flyer/IMer who I have posted about a bit on here.

M, W, F

Warm up: 200 choice, 8×25 @:40

100 stroke RP: 16×25 @:40 or :50, recovery, 8×25 @1:00 (first 50 of 100 pace or just faster than 100 pace)

Recovery/Skill/Underwater DK: 15 minutes

200 Free RP: 16×50 @1:00, recovery, 8×50 @1:00 (sometimes we have a lot of swimmers who can do well on the second round and sometimes we just have everyone stop after 16 because they all are doing so poorly)

Recovery/Skill/Underwater DK: 15 minutes

100 Free RP: 16×25 @:40, recovery, 16×25 @:40 (again, on the second round we have almost everyone fail out before 16)

Recovery/Skill/Underwater DK or just cool down

On Monday and Friday we do 100 stroke first and on Wednesday we do 200 free first.

Right now we are training everyone for the 200 free as a way to get in shape. Most of our swimmers don’t swim in the off season. Even those who do come in having had a month off from swimming with the exception of one girl.

Everyone also is training for the 100 free because everyone is going to swim on the 400 free relay many times throughout the season.

Tuesdays and Thursdays would be very complicated to explain in detail. The USRPT sets our IMers do on Tuesday and Thursday are…

12×50 back @1:00

12×50 breast @1:10

Will probably increase these numbers soon.

During that time we have the other swimmers are mostly doing 25s at pace for secondary strokes.

Otherwise we do a lot of sprinting, technique work, videos, etc. We have meets on a lot of Tuesdays and Thursdays so it has changed how we’ve done things a bit.

As much as I love to say I do USRPT, when I look at it I know it isn’t true USRPT. We offer multiple rounds of sets because I often have people reach their third fail and then when we try the set again in 10-15 minutes they can do better than they did the first time. I think it makes it easier on them psychologically as well.

"Most people have the will to win. Few have the will to prepare to win."