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Thanks bilratio. So if I’m reading this correctly you do pace work everyday, if you don’t have a meet. How much recovery do you do between rounds when you are working on the same event? What do you do for your 50 and 100 girl, I have several swimmers that will 50, 100, 200 but their main focus is on the 50 and 100. Do you do any work outside of skills, starts, turns, breakouts, finishes that are directly working the 50. What would you suggest for transitioning, 1 set a day, 2 sets on m/w/f?

Had our inters quad this morning and we were terrible. We were faster yesterday doing 8 x 25 @ 2 at 1/2 50 ₩pace than what we did today. First thing my head coach said was that we need to do more ya4ds…frustrating. I believe in this training, we just really struggled today. The most frustrating part was all the skill work we did didnt transfer i to our races which is soemthing we talked about agyerwards and will focus on thos week. Thanks again!