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Don’t lose heart. My first time doing USRPT was a spring season with my swim club and the head coach said I could try it. It was pretty much a disaster across the board for various reasons. I think the short season just didn’t give them enough time to adapt to the different type of training.

Last year with my high school team we saw hardly any lifetime bests from the experienced swimmers. We didn’t hit the best times and race paces until we rested for sections and put on the tech suits. This year is going much better and I’m not exactly sure why. Perhaps we’ve had better buy-in, they came into the season in better shape, or it just works better once your body has done it before. I’m not a scientist so I don’t really know. All I know is I am thankful that I didn’t give up after the first 2 month trial was a failure.

We’re not doing exactly the same things we did last year and next year I will probably change some things slightly as well. I’m still super new to this.

We do a little less recovery when doing multiple rounds on the same event (10 minutes usually). In between other sets we do 10-15 minutes.

We do race pace swimming every day. That’s all the yards we get unless you count warm up, turns, and DK. And those usually amount to 800 yards or less per day.

It’s so frustrating to hear people talk about needing more yards, an aerobic base, etc. Peter Andrew did say that he felt like training MA for the 200 when coming back from a break helped him get back to being able to make his 100 sets more quickly. We did a lot of 200 training at the start of the year even for our 100 and 50 girl. I’ll tell you what her weeks look like right now though.


20×25 @:40 holding 13.4 or faster, Then might do some @1:00 after a rest

nx50 @2:00 holding 28.2 or faster (we do these to 3rd failure which comes almost right after the 2nd failure)

16×25 @:40 holding 13.4 or faster (we might offer more or else do a second round. These are usually done with the whole team so she can race our flyer who is also a faster 100 freestyler)

(Wednesday we are actually still doing the 50s @1:00 and holding something in between 200 pace and back half of 100 pace. She can hold 29.5 for a high number on a good day. She has swam 2:02.4 both times she has done the 200 free this year which is a best time by 4 seconds. Friday we are dropping the final 100 pace work to do 50 training. 25s @2:00 from a push or off the blocks, 12.5s, etc.)

I think I have a lot to learn/figure out about training for the 50. You can probably tell from the questions I’ve been asking on here the last few weeks.

T, Th (Sometimes we’ll do more than this but it is always sprinting at her paces. If she is slow we stop. If she is going really fast we’ll just keep it going.)

8×25 @2:00

12×12.5 @:40

8×25 @2:00

We do 25s off the blocks at the end of every practice M,T,W,Th,F. She likes to do it just to see what her times can be and test different things out. She’s consistently swimming 11.5 now and can go a couple 11.4s almost every day. Peter Andrew told me that Michael does stuff off the blocks at the end of almost every practice on no interval. It’s a fun way to end practice. I often tell her “You can leave when you swim 11.4.” Then when she swims 11.4 she feels so good about it that she wants to do another one. We usually do 2-6 of these each day.

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