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Over the past few months I had been doing 20×25 18.52 pace with 23.15 rest for breast, always after the fly USRPT set. As I explained in another thread, I have been having a hard time getting a decent amount of reps in breast after the fly set. Originally I wanted to put more emphasis on fly so I put that first so I could be totally fresh for it. Recently I also decided to give fly a chance at more rest. I went from 16 to 19.2 rest. I think less is better on fly for aerobic purposes but breast seem to be a little more anaerobic than 100 fly/bk/fr. I had been hitting mid teens before the first fail on fly, Monday 28 was just a bad day, I had a rough weekend before that.

This is what I did over the past two weeks-
Mon-28 100 fly USRPT (16.0) 30×25 @35.2
fail 9,12,15
100 br USRPT (18.48) 20×25 @49.28
fail 9,11,12


100 free USRPT (:14.49) 30×25
fail 11,14,17

Wed-30 100 br USRPT (18.50) 20×25 @55.5
fail 16

Thurs-1 fly sprints
fly/free turns

Fri-2 100 br USRPT (18.50) 20×25 @55.5

Sat-3 turns
SCY 25 free sprint to feet
2 25 free sprint from block

Mon-5 100 br USRPT (18.50) 12×25 @55.5

Tues-6 Off

Wed-7 100 br USRPT (18.50) 12×25 @55.5

Thurs-8 warm up/turns

I decided to totally drop the 100 free and fly set early last week since I wasn’t swimming those events at the meet today. Doing the breast on 55.5 really helped me a lot with sharpening my technique. I felt like it was more relevant to the middle/end of the race whereas before it was just a bunch of front half speed followed by going all out hoping I make it to the wall before the beep of the tempo trainer. With the longer rest I felt like I was maintaining back half tempo and technique in a controlled way for way longer than before. I decided to cut myself off at 20. I have gone up to 30 in the past but every time, I do that I get hip pain, not muscular but in the joint which is concerning so I just keep it to 20. I definitely made some strides in technique over the past couple of weeks in the 100 breast. With the extra rest I was very strict on the interval. All the makes were no more than 18.6, maybe a 18.7 every once in a while.

If you adjust my practice pace with the tempo trainer to a toes leaving the wall to a hand touch I am at a 17.5 or 1:10 scm pace which converts to a 1:03.06 scy. I was really hoping I could go a little above and sneak under 103 and that is exactly what I did. I went a 1:02.95 splitting it 28.98/33.97. They should be a little closer but I went the pace I trained to go and I’m happy for that. In April I went a 1:04.27 splitting 29.68/34.59. When I completed 20 I felt I could move down to an 18 pace. If I had more time I would have. As I move the pace down, I think my splits will get closer together. I know 1:02 is nothing good but I would like to break a minute eventually and I think I can do it with something like a 27.9/32.0. Now that I know this pace correlates, it’s nice to know that I know exactly what I need to do in training to go a certain time.

My other events today were 50 free, 50 fly, and 50 breast.

My first event was 50 free. I did a track start for the first time in a meet in this event. I had been doing a two feet forward start my whole life. I was taught that way in 1995 and I had been rolling with it all along up until today. I think it’s about the same time as my old start right now. Last weekend I drove across town to practice starts because my main pool doesn’t allow people to use the blocks. I rarely practice starts and as a result they are not very good. Technically, okay…but no power, no explosiveness, just blah all around. When I was 18 my starts and first 15m were awesome. I was a lot better athlete back then and more explosive. I’m a better swimmer now but not close to where I was in terms of vertical leap ability. Probably 6 inches vertical leap deference than I was back then. That’s big on the start. Anyway, I got totally crushed on the first 15m by the person next to me. He kicked out far and I could see him out of the corner of my eye after I surfaced and he had at least a half a body lenth at 15. I jammed my turned, had a bad push off, and a bad breakout. My last 15m was awesome though. I closed with energy and full speed. Probably the best last 15 I have ever done. I ended up going 22.16. I wanted to go a mid 21 which I probably could have done with a better start and turn.

My next event was the 50 fly. I went 23.56. On my start, I didn’t get a full inhale before hitting the water and I took a breath on the 4th stroke. I didn’t take any on the way back. I was planning on just breathing on the turn. That was the only mistake I made. I took 6 kicks on the start and 4 off the turn which is super low. Over the past few months I messed around with kick numbers and found that basically I am wasting time under water because I am so much better on the surface.

My third event was 50 breast. I went 27.82. It was pretty good after the first 2 I work out all the problems with the start. 100 breast was last.

I know this was kind of a long post but I’m hoping if there are any swimmers reading this thinking about trying USRPT. Do it. It’s fun and you know exactly what pace you need to hold to go a best time and that’s a beautiful thing. I just want to get the info out there to anyone curious, especially masters swimmers. The more info out there, the better. Thanks to billratio for putting all his info out there, no doubt it helped me go a personal best today in the 100 breast.