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Bill, I’m 28, I wrote about my background in another thread. I didn’t swim year round growing up because I wanted to play other sports. I swam summer league but I focused hard on improving during the limited time I had. I live in Richmond VA. When I was 16 and 17 I made big improvements in swimming because I had a good coach that swam under Matt Kredich at the University of Richmond. Some of the stuff we did was probably off the mark but we were no doubt a practice fast to swim fast type of people.

I wore this suit yesterday I wore this suit one other time at a 2 day meet in april. I went all best times in everything except for 50 free. I went 21.83 at summer league champs when I was 18. It’s kind of frustrating knowing that top speed wise I am better than ever. When I went 21.8 I was lifting weights for football and playing basketball. My vertical leap was much better and I think I was under 5.5 on the first 15 meters. Now I am a 5.8-6.0. I went 22.16 with a bad breakout on the start, jammed turn, bad breakout on the turn, I am really surprised I was able to go 22.16. I was hauling so much ass on the last 15 meters which is really promising. I would like to go a 20.8 which I think is in the realm of possibility. I will be super happy if that happens.