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Although completing 16 reps will most likely correlate to the race time, I think you need to offer at least 24 reps for the 100’s if time allows for it. I think you will find that if they can’t get at least 24 before the third fail, moving the pace down will be difficult only doing 16 before. If they can get 18 before the first fail or 24 before the third fail, they should be fine to move down. If they can’t get to at least 10 reps before the first fail after the first 2 or 3 sessions on a faster pace, you can get stuck and some detraining will occur. It has happened to me several times where I got stuck at 7-9 before the first fail and I had to scale the pace back to rebuild my level of conditioning. It may not be an issue early in the season because they will get in better shape and the people doing low reps will probably be able to dig themselves out but once they are in good shape mid season they may hit a wall if they are doing low reps. For the swimmers doing low reps, I would make the pace slower so that they can hit at least 10 before the first fail. They should improve fast and will be able to move the pace down soon.