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I have several thoughts but not a lot of time to respond. OldSchool’s advice has always served me well in the past so I’d recommended valuing his input highly. I hope your meet goes well today.

I think if they are truly resting when they miss their pace they should be fresh all the time. Just had my top girl break our school record on a “get out swim” at the end of practice on Thursday. They are ready to swim fast any time.

I think you should be willing to change their paces whenever you think it is too easy for them. If your 500 swimmer completed 30 without missing then the pace is too slow. My best 500 swimmer has gone 5:36 this year with a best time from sections of 5:28. But her training pace is 32.2 because she has proven that she can complete pretty high numbers at that pace but it is still a huge challenge for her. One day she went almost to 40×50 before her third fail holding 31.9-32.1. If we had her going 33.6 based on her 500 she has swam this season, she would swim 50s for 2 hours straight. Just find the pace that is right for them even if it is faster than their actual 500.

Same goes for the 100 swimmers. I’ll add more later.

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