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I have stayed away from the 2 weak peaking that Rushall recommended somewhere. I think it was Doc who told a horror story about when he tried that. So for my first “taper” we were pretty close to the “3 day protocol” that Doc has talked about. Our big meet starts on a Friday so we go 4 days so that I’m able to tell the swimmers “we’re tapering for a week.” They fragile psyches could not handle it if I didn’t give them that much time at least.

It depends on the swimmer but we do 50-60% the first day, 25-50% the second day, 25% the third day, and meet warmup the fourth day. I don’t remember the exact percentage but we were something like 85% lifetime bests and 95% season bests. I was happy with it and have used it every big meet since.

We just had our final JV meet and were 70% best times but that is a small sample size (5 swimmers).

Note: The percentage means how much we offer for each set (so 24×25 becomes 12×25 for 50%). I cut more than the percentages that Doc recommended because we were offering a ton and multiple rounds last year. “When it doubt, error on the side of rest.” – Ernie Maglicsisilclcho (spelling?).

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