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We recorded 50s @1:00 with partners timing every repeat on Wednesday. The amount offered was 20. Had a girl go 29.5 or faster for 19 out of 20. She’s usually closer to 30.0 or high 29 when there isn’t a partner timing every single one.

Also recorded 50s @2:00 for back half of 100 pace and my top girl was swimming 27.2 or faster for all of them. A few 26.9s. I could see her bringing her 100 back in 27.5-27.8 at sections but it would be insane if she came back in a low 27. Her times on these sets have dropped a ton throughout the season. It was considered a good set last month when she was holding under 28.5.

If we’re going off of her 25s @1:00 for her first 50 she’ll be out in 25.7. That would maker her potential splits 25.7 and 27.2 for a 52.9. I’ll be a very happy coach if she can do that when we rest.

My top 500 swimmer went 42×50@:50 before first failure holding 32.0 average. She got to 54×50 before 3rd failure. This was a big confidence booster since we only try to hold 32.2. I’m hoping she can hold 32.9 on her middle 50s in the 500 when rested and go 5:22. My more realistic guess would probably be 5:23.

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