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Bilratio – thanks for the input, I really appreciate it. Looking forward its nice to have a starting point with what others are doing and adjusting it for our training and kids. Congrats on your JV results and good luck this weekend!

Doc/Oldschool – thanks for the search feature, I will dig into that. I ask because this is a new training protocol from what I have done in the past, and if people who have gone through it before are willing to share that is great. The worst thing you can do is say no. Any and all input is appreciated, but if people don’t want to share what has worked or what didn’t work that is okay too. Up to this point I have really enjoyed the input from successful coaches and will continue to ask questions if I have them, if those with experience share insight I am one step closer than when I started, if not there is no better teacher than experience 🙂