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I’m probably not the best example as I train for only 50’s and 100’s. I have only had one meet where I attempted a partial rest. It was 3 weeks before my focus meet. The goal was to rest enough to be at least 95% but not sacrifice much in training. The meet was on a Saturday. In the week leading up to the meet I did full repetitions offered on Monday/Tuesday on strokes I was doing at the meet and I cut the strokes I wasn’t doing in half. There is really no training effect cutting the reps in half for the strokes I wasn’t swimming but the idea was to maintain technique. I don’t know if that was effective but it seemed like a good idea. On Wednesday I went to the first fail and cut out all events I wasn’t swimming. On Thursday I cut the offered reps in half. I took Friday off. It seemed to work well. I definitely took a small step back in training by doing this. The first Monday back wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t as good as I had been doing. Tuesday was better and on Wednesday I was right back on track and on the same level I was before resting.

For a large team doing something like making the first reduction to the first fail might be better than hitting some landmark number like 25%/50% reduction or 15 reps instead of 20. For a large team, people are going to be at different points in the repetitions especially during the middle of the season. If you offer something like 16 reps down from 24 or something like that, one swimmer may complete all 16, while another swimmer fails twice. That’s a huge difference and those two swimmers really aren’t getting the same amount of rest even though they both went to 16.