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Those are some good results for swimming up a distance than what they train for. Josh Davis swam a crazy 500 free after only doing 50’s at 200 pace. A lot people overlook the effectiveness of USRPT for middle distance free just because it’s Michael Andrews weakest area even though he is technically a good 200 freestyler. He does have a NAG in the 200 scy free. Other people have had success in mid distance free like Glenn Gruber who broke a masters WR in the 400 scm free in his age group. Gary P on here has also had success with mid distance free and USRPT. Don’t forget about MA’s 352 400 IM. That’s also swimming up a distance. I doubt he was doing sets of strokes at 400 pace when he did that, probably just 200 stuff. The Screaming Viking swam a top 10 all time ranking for his age group in the 200 LCM breast on very limited yardage.

Recently I have been looking at Tim Noakes Central Govenor Theory again. The “An Advancement in the Concept of Fatigue” article that is linked up on Rushall’s website talks about it. I believe that Tim Noakes is absolutely right that there is way more to fatigue than previously believed. As exercise goes on lactate rises, glycogen depletes, oxygen debt increases, then you get tired and slow down. While there may be truth to that, there is way more to fatigue. I believe I have figured out the missing link in the Central Governor theory and why some people can go really fast times on longer races while doing low yardage. I’m pretty sure that USRPT can manipulate what Tim Noakes calls the Central Govenor through a mechanism that cannot be utilized in traditional training or other forms of race pace training. I was going to write up a post a few weeks ago but I decided not to because it’s some pretty deep stuff that a lot people would call pseudo-science and I don’t want to look like a crazy person. It is based on a few real scientific studies though. It may take me a while to put it all together and have it make sense but I am going to write it up when I have time.