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Yesterday we did 3 sets, long to short.

Set #1 = 16 x 50 (1) 1/4 200 pace, average made was 9.

Set #2 = 24 x 25 (40) 1/4 100 pace, average made was 11.

Set #3 = 12 x 25 (1) 1st 50 of 100 pace, average made was 8

I have a tracking question. For instance, when we did the 24 x 25 we had 4 mulligans. I don’t really have my swimmers pay attention to their times there, mostly focus on technical skills to get themselves mentally ready for the rest of the set. So in essence we did 4 x 25 preset and 20 x 25 “live” We track the 1st miss, and the knockout miss. From that I get their total number made, i.e. last miss number 18, missed 3, sat out 2 (1 after first miss and one after second miss) so 18-5 is 13. To this point I have been saying they made 13, should that number really be 9 (13-4 mulligans)?

If that is the case, then our numbers minus mulligans change to averages of 6, 7, 4 respectively which seems worrisome, even knowing that many of the swimmers make some or most of the mulligans.

Looking at those numbers including the mulligans they seem okay (correct me if I am wrong) with 9 = 2.25 race distance, 11 = 2.75 race distance and 8 = 2 x race distance (or 4 x race distance because it is a first 50 focus). Aren’t we looking to swim 3 x race distance at race pace, on average (including mulligans) we were just a little short.

Please critique/criticize any and all of my rambling.