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We’ve always counted mulligans as part of the total. As you said about your swimmers, most of our swimmers make their mulligans. It’s just so much easier this way. We have a goal of completing 4x race distance before first failure. So 16×25 @:40 beofre the first failure is considered good for our 100 swimmers. Out top 2 girls can do that easily many days though so I’m not sure doing them @:40 will give exact correlation to the 100 they swim at Sections.

Our top 2 100 girls did a recent test set where the top girl went 30 straight 25s @:40 holding 13.1. We’ll see if she can go mid 52 at sections. She was 55.3 last year so that’d be a crazy drop for a senior girl.

Our next girl went 22 straight on :40 holding 14.0 or faster. She went to 37 before her 3rd failure (when I say 37 I mean that is the number that was done at that point but really she sat out twice before then so it would be 33 that were swam). I just record the number that the set was at when they failed out. I know what it means so I don’t think it is necessariy to do all the subtraction. So much simpler to just mark “first fail occurred here, third fail occurred here. let’s go further next time.”

I expect the second girl to hit her pace and break 56. Her best time is 57.40 so she is swimming far faster than her actual race pace at this point. I’m hoping for a miracle swim and a 2nd place finish at sections. I just don’t know what is going on with her 50s @2:00 because she just never goes great times on them.

Do you have a particular example of a swimmer and what her best tapered time is and how she is training?

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