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Yesterday is bad example, of my two returning girls one missed most of practice for a midterm and the other told me at end she was/is sick when I asked why she had such an off day (thought I was going to need to give her some extra recovery).

So far my top girl is a tough nut to crack, she was 54 mid as a jr in high school and slower her senior year. As a freshman last year she was 55 low doing traditional training. She is swimming faster this year in meets so far, 25.4 and 56.5 in our last meet. She is currently training at a 56.0 pace. The problem we run into is at 14.0 she generally misses 1 or none but at a faster pace she can’t seem to put together a good set, usually is done around 12 including 4 mulligans. The other girl is having a much harder time adjusting, similar times at the end of the year 24.6/55 low and was 25.6/57.2 at our last meet. However she is training at a 14.3 pace and usually is at or below the average for the group, but who knows how long she has been battling this illness.

We are still transitioning and they are working hard to figure it out. But they are the recipients of a coach who is still figuring it out so we are still looking for that “groove”. A feshman girls who’s top time is 56 high is training at 57 pace and has God and bad days.

A better example are my guys, they are all pretty much training at very close to their best time paces we are still working on building volume. My top guy was 47 high last year as a sr in high school. He trains consistently well at a 48 low pace, I think he made it to 21 yesterday, so he completed 4x race distance total. However his times are not translating in Meets yet, he is consistently 50 low (22 low in meets this year, best time of 21.6) I think it is an adjustment and body composition thing right now, he is heavy with muscle and is really flagging on the back end.

The best translation is iny 200 strokes which are all guys. They are training at best time speeds and generally making it close to the offered 16 x 50 or finishing the set, but have yet to make it to two completions in a row. Their training times are 203 and they have been 207,207 and 209 (out way to hard in 2 fly last 50 we all saw the piano fall). So 207 is within half a second of 3% of their lifetime bests.

Thus far my biggest struggle is finding a consistant microcycle or weekly plan to follow, and that is on me but the last 3 to 4 weeks has been about adjusting, building to speed and now building volume. We have meet tomorrow so that will give me more data, but I plan on working on aicrocycle that we can consistently use moving forward (adjusting as needed) to beore consistant. The problem I run into is most are training for 3 or 4 events. Right now I leaning towards something like this for my 50-100-100 stroke, we do other skill sets, I just list them because they are at a high speed is 4 x 4 turns at race pace or 12 x 12.5 focustomers on breakouts.

Monday 50-100-100 stroke
Tuesday skill-100 stroke-200 free
Wednesday 100-50-200
Thursday skill-100 stroke-200 free
Friday 50-skill-100

My other thought was to break it up by 50 and 100 days
Monday 100-100 stroke-200
Tuesday 50-skill-50 stroke
Wednesday 100 stroke-100-200
Thursday 50 stroke-skill-50
Friday 50 skill 100 or 200

Anyway that is a long ramble, hope that gave you some insight. Do you think I should be slowing down their paces and offeringore or keep the paces closer to best time and take the weeks needed to build volume. I was more inclined to build volume because our big meet isn’t until February. We will rest in a couple weeks for a midseason meet, but that isn’t nearly as important, it’s more about experience in preparation for February.