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I would lean toward building volume at faster paces. I never like to have them slow down if I can help it.

My top 100 girl was going 58 almost all season last year even though she was training at 55.0 pace. She did hit 57.41 one time during the season but even that is 2 seconds off what she was training for. She wound up going 55.3 at sections so pretty close to pace.

I think if you are within 2 seconds of the time you want for a 100 you are doing okay. Are the times from the meets you sited with or without tech suits?

This year if I go just off of what she is swimming in practice for 25s @:40 she is really training 51.8-52.4. Best swims were this week (almost 3 months into season) at 54.29 and 54.65 tonight. So for us if we get within 2 seconds (or whatever percentage that is) of our race pace for 100s we are doing pretty well. Really hoping she’ll be under 53.0 when we rest. It’s almost time.

I don’t know how she was able to come into this season and swim so much faster than last year. Maybe that it’s the second year in the system? More likely that she came in having swam this off season and last year she was coming in after 9 months of nothing. I think having done it before does help though because those first few meets were kind of rough last year for everyone.

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