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I agree with the taper motivation however it does come down to money. At a JC back in 2005 I was coaching we had one well funded team shell out for full suits for the conference champs at 300-400 a pop. My school could afford jammers (still spent about 3-4K). At my university, 2006-2007, it was the same deal. They bought us jammers and I paid for a full leg on my own. I think I was able to use it a couple times the next year before it wore out.

It created an arms race. If one of the teams had shown up to a dual meet in techs all the swimmers on my team would be asking for them. I think it was an unspoken rule to spend the money at the end. I’m glad they changed the rules years back. It was really creating a huge money suck for the programs to compete with the newest suits. I’d rather have money for team gear and travel trips then one suit for one meet.