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We did not have a single swimmer make finals (top 16) last year at state. This year went much better.

200 free relay – 6th (with a 24.5 lead off from our flyer)

400 free relay – 12th (with a 53.2 anchor from our flyer)

100 fly – 7th (59.37 with 27.7,31.6. She wanted to break 1:00 and I wanted her to break 59 because she was training 14.5s at the end)

200 IM – 7th (2:14.0 with 27.7 fly, 33.5 back, 41.7 breast, 30.8 free)

100 Free – 6th (53.17 but 53.00 at sections. With 25.3, 27.6. Was very sad not to break 53.)

50 Free – 6th (24.40 and this is another one that makes no sense to me. She was swimming so fast in practice that for her to only go .12 faster than our flyer led the 200 free relay makes me think I did something seriously wrong. When they would race off the blocks on 25s it was usually 11.4 for this girl and 11.9 for our flyer. She has a great start and good turns… I don’t know how she was this slow. I feel like I let her down.)

Our diver amazingly took first in the state by 0.3 points so that gave us a boost in points. We wound up placing 7th in the state as a team with 105 points. The most our school had ever scored in the past was 30 something and took 20th. Last year we placed 35th but that was with no swimmers scoring… only the diver.

We broke 8 of 12 school records this year and many pool records throughout the season. Overall it has to be the best swim season in school history.

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