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Great write up. I’m becoming a believer in super-compensation. Obviously, I don’t know what your training transition plan was going into the meets but the intervals may have been too long. I train alone but during the college club practice and I’m always thinking about how to apply race-pace to a large group setting. My suggestion would be to lower intervals is this way:

Swimmers are doing 25’s @:50. Assuming they are doing about 12-15 before first miss I would swim 5 reps @:50 and immediately lower the set on rep 6 to :45 with no break. This allows them to get into the rhythm for 6 swims at the usual interval then pushes the aerobic work.

Individually, I will lower my interval after I finish a target before I lower my pace but in a way that allows me to maintain volume. Right now I’m 12.0 @:35 and when I finally hit 20 reps without a miss I’ll go 12.0 @:30 until the first miss then :35 for the rest of the set. When I get to about 12 reps @:30 at the first miss I know I can continue the set @:30 till about 18-24 reps. I understand that this would be a hard set to apply with a group so the idea of 5 usual reps before the harder interval seems easier to manage.

Your 500 swimmer: Well she got a section record on the relay! That’s just a tough coaching call to have her work the 50 and 500. She was probably a little tired working the extra 50 paces.

When you figure out how to get the sprinters going let us know. The 50 is just a craps shoot sometimes.