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Gary P

This will probably not go over well on this website. But I will say it any way. Be very careful of input from master’s swimmers. An “n” of one is not very reliable.

As one of the masters who give input, I would agree wholeheartedly. My “n=1” results should be taken with a grain of salt; as one data point that must be considered against many others.

What we self-coached masters are uniquely positioned to provide, however, is first-hand feedback from the swimmer’s perspective. As a coach, your expectations of what should happen, whether it’s with a single set or a season long program, are not always the same as what your swimmers expectations are. Your level of motivation as a coach may not align with the motivation of the athlete at that moment. Expectations and motivation have a significant impact on the actual outcome. As a self-coached swimmer, there’s no disconnect between the expectations and motivation level of coach and athlete. When results don’t meet expectations, you can disregard the expectation and motivation variables. Instead, you have to conclude that the expectations were not appropriate for the athlete at that time, and consider either a new plan, or new expectations for the same plan, in the future.