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Gary P,
While I agree with you. I offer this. If I’m planning the swimmers training paces off their goal sheets that they have turned in at the beginning of the season and they are a reasonable rate of improvement, in the 1.5 to 3% range, then the expectations and motivation should be very close to the same i.e. coach and swimmer on the same page. If a coach just some how determines a time which may be unrealistic say an improvement of 5-7% in the 100 free for a SR type swimmer probably not going to happen and there will be upset people, probably both swimmer and coach. The ” But you said, I was going to go …”

Coaching is a partnership. The athlete needs us for our expertise in a sport and we need the athlete to execute the plan and both have to be on the same page. This reduces the likelihood of unrealistic expectations and lack of motivation.

I mentor a number of young coaches here and I tell them that the hardest part of the system is the education of the system. You have to know this front to back and in reverse. They need to be able to answer questions and NOT take it as the swimmer is challenging them. You just calmly explain the reason why they need to do this. What each set does and how it relates to their race.

I enjoy the exchange. Makes me think.


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