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Think K.I.S.S. The PDF files I attached are all from a PUSH on whatever set they are doing. You really don’t need to add or subtract anything. It takes care of it’s self. Example “n x 25 on 2:00” will come very close to 50 performance and it’s done from a PUSH.

I get it all the time. “Did you factor in the start or what about the turn?” Again, every set we do is from a PUSH and the race splits line up with what they are doing in practice. (See the PDF files). You will drive yourself crazy and become so fragmented you will not know if you are on foot or horse back. I guess coaches just have to believe that it’s some how more complicated and have to invent 30 different ways to do one simple thing.

Again GOOD JOB and hope you and your family have a nice Thanksgiving!


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