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This will probably not go over well on this website. But I will say it any way. Be very careful of input from master’s swimmers. An “n” of one is not very reliable.

First of all, this site is about a system than is well outside of the traditional. People that would take this comment to heart probably aren’t listening.

With that said, I believe our “n” is moving further away from 1 with each new master’s comment. I can think of 4 people here who have provided insight that is in line with the USRPT principles. As long as the comment isn’t a violation of some basic tenet of USRPT we are all experimental samples in the same test. Andrews would be the real n=1. Of course he will be a masters swimmer when he turns 18.

I’ve been coaching for 10 years, some swim, mostly water polo, and I’ve continued to play during this time. I know plenty of coaches who haven’t been in the water in a while and I can sometimes see the struggle they have with explaining a technique or figuring out why an athlete is have an issue with something. They’ve forgotten how to manipulate their body or they’ve never applied the technique to themselves so they are really missing the ability to explain the movement. Coaching myself in USRPT is so much about feel that my brain is usually in overdrive on a set. I have a “goal sheet” but I can’t wait for a coach to tell me what to do. I need to drive to the goal with an athlete’s training effort while at the same time analyze my technique from a coach’s point of view. Maybe this is why I can only train 2-3 days in a row at most before performance slides; fatigue from high physical and mental effort has accumulated.