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The problem is as a club, college or high school coach an “n” of 1 over 2 to 3 years is rather painful and tedious. We deal with 18, 24 and as many as 40 plus swimmers that have to improve or people could lose their jobs. As a masters swimmer if it doesn’t work “oh well, on to something else” You have no skin in the game. If you are honest with yourself you will agree. It has to work with a large number!

I believe that most of the guys on this site coach more than one swimmer and are looking for things that are simple, direct and with a minimal amount of record keeping in regards to improvement in the performance of their swimmers.

I don’t want to be mean about this and in no way was trying to be insulting. But you have to understand that guys are taking a huge leap of faith and want/need to know that this works from coaches that have seen results regardless of the number of swimmers they coach, whether it be club or college.

I’ve said this before. I truly enjoy the dialogue on this site whether we agree or disagree.


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