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With regards to a control group. It would be very interesting and had thought about it at the club (better to do it when you are the boss). But can you imagine the uproar. “Ok guys we are going to split the team into 2 groups and one group is going to do this type of training and the other this type” Holy hell would break out. You’d have “How come they get to do this and we have to do that?” My hat is off to the coach that can pull that off and keep his/her job!

The best I can come up with is I took the system from a club program and dropped into a college program only knowing about 7 of the 48 swimmers and had just about the same results. It will get better as the kids start understanding the system. They are constantly presented with the training information on their FB page. There is no escape!!

We video tape EVERY race at every meet and use race analyzer software on each race and this gets posted on their FB or YouTube for their review. We will even do more critical analyzes using Kinovea software (freeware on the web and is plenty for a coach with limited resources i.e. money) this is turned around in about an hour. So, if it’s a prelim/finals meet the kids and coaches have the data from prelims before they go to finals. We are VERY technique driven and believe that’s where the greatest improvements will occur. If you have heard of Milt Nelms (swimmer whisper) or Bill Boomer, we are very driven in that paradigm of posture- line – balance. We even allow swimmers to rest in a set if they feel that they cannot maintain the quality of movement. They maybe maintaining the time, but something tells them that they need to rest and regain balance. We want perfect race execution!

We have a value system of: turn speeds, underwater work and surface swimming skills and every set reinforces that in practice. If you think about it that’s how the race degrades or decays. Turns speeds slow, the CO2 light starts flashing and there goes underwater work and finally surface swimming quality starts to go right out the door.

I am truly blessed. I have a Head Coach that had the vision to hire me and I have assistant coaches that are the most tireless workers any coach could ask for.

I agree wholeheartedly that coaches and swimmers are much more civil to each other on this site than others.


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