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I would also like that write-up.
I have for a some time argued (not on this forum) that lactate is not the reason for getting tired, but merely a marker for excertion levels and type of metabolism used. There is no scientific evidence that serum lactate would cause fatigue. Lab rats have been injected with insane amounts of lactate without showing any sign of pain or fatigue. Supersprinters can reach “lethal levels” of lactate without being much physically affected. So, there is probably a great cause-and-effect mixup here.
Neuronal fatigue and overheating I believe are much more important factors in the experience of fatigue. “lactate numbness” I believe is merely the bodys protection against overheating or electrolyte depletion in motor neurons (I think this has also been argued earlier on this forum and Rushall as well). For that reason I believe that “lactate tolerance” sets are just insane – to go on training past the point of numbing fatigue – you would probably be better off to rest and then go on when recovered.