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I have to do a couple calculations which I hate. We train SCM and compete SCY. So I start with her yard time, we have been using 55.0, her best time is a 54.8. Then depending on what I am looking for I use several conversion factors. First, if we want just a straight 1/4 time I divide her time by the NCAA SCM conversion (55/.896=61.38) and divide that by 4 (61.38/4=15.35) and I now have her SCM time. If we are doing 2nd 50 I take her time and multiply it by .5178 (I like .4822 and .5178 for women) to get her 2nd 50 time of 28.48 then divide by .896 to get a pace of 31.79 for SCM. I know all the numbers and converting isn’t perfect, but we have found a way to make it work and most athletes have adjusted. However, I will freely admit that when we do get to swim yards at practice, they generally do better on their sets.