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Hey Everyone thanks for the help!

We have made the adjustments and I think we are in a good place right now. I do have a question about lowering paces, I know the general rule is to lower the pace if they finish the set 2 times in a row. My question is this, let’s say they finish the first set of the day on Monday. Then we do the same set on Tuesday, but we do it second or third and they don’t make it to the end. Then we do the set 1st again on Wednesday and they finish the set. Now they didn’t finish the set twice in a row, but they did finish the set twice in a row when it was the first set of the day. Should we lower the pace time?

We are closing in on our conference champs (4 weeks away) and we are training fast! I’m pumped if we can swim close to our pace times! For our midseason meet we rested 3 days and swam fairly well. I’ve seen the bad reviews for the Rushall 2 week rest, any other suggestions? Some will repeat the same rest as midseason, but I have a few swimmers that based on their midseason results need more rest. If you have any suggestions I would appreciate it!